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The  dictum,  “change”  is  inevitable, unarguably   a   statement   of   fact. Whether  it  is  biological,  mental, climatic,  psychological…  without  change, life  is  an  empty  stage  without  casts  and scenes. This buttresses the many patterns of life and the fact that man was created to exhilarate the beauty of life through change. From observation, change is of two types. Those that happen to us and those we make happen. Surely, we cannot keep the rain from falling nor can we shield the earth from the scourge  of  the  blazing  sun  but  we  can determine who becomes a friend and who does not, where we put our money and where we won’t.

The latter is a gift from the creator of all things to man: to exercise his will, not to be confined to the machinations of the higher powers that control the world in an esoteric fashion. He has so distinguished the roles that one cannot be substituted for the other and each one must exercise his powers within his jurisdiction. Therefore, man is challenged to embrace the change that he cannot control and create change within the perimeter of his power. Simply put, man is an agent of change.
It is on this premise that the Foundation for Effective Leadership and Development, FELD was founded. A non- g o v e r n m e n t a l   o r g a n i s a t i o n   w i t h   a n unflinching passion to build human capacity for sustainable development, through its current twofold strategy- education and rural empowerment, FELD, has continued to change the lives of both the youths and people in the rural communities. Maximising its power of change to revamp the culture of study, the organisation has supported the educational dream of many students in Senior Secondary School and Tertiary Institutions, through various cash winnings, riding on its TV platform, My Education Quiz
Play. On the other hand, over 200 Anioma Indigenes have been financially empowered to serve as incentives   to   improve   their   source   of livelihood.
For us at FELD, rather than do nothing about the change we want to see, we are determined to create it. We realize that there are thousands of children lurking the streets, hawking or begging under the harsh conditions of the sun and rain, children who should be in school, but may never get a chance to. Children who have dreams welling up in their hearts but may never find a place to grow their dreams.  Clearly, the government cannot shoulder all of the burdens and if the situation festers, the rebound effect is increase in \crime rate, leading to insecurity among other social issues.
In addition, the shift from traditional methods to highly sophisticated technology has thrown many artisans off the cliff of modest earning to meager remuneration; barely enough to make a daily bread. As part of its strategy to help curb the rising poverty rate in Delta State, FELD, has begun providing incentives and financial aid to empower indigenes of Aniocha South Local Government Areas in Delta State to improve their means of survival.
We are resolute in our approach. We are doggedly determined to light up a flicker of hope to quench the pitch of darkness in every home. Although the world may seem so large to ignite, we believe that a person at a time, a community at a go, a country at an instance, we will continue to contribute our quota to create the change within the dictates of our human capability.


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